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Approaching Inversions with Strength & Confidence with Carmen Fitzgibbon

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Learn how to safely approach inversions and how to create strength and stability within them, making the practice more fun and effective.

This workshop is for those who are growing their inversion practice and ready to explore the stability, freedom and joy of being upside-down. 

We will work with the stages of each of the main inversions. The main inversions are considered to be Head Stand (Sirsasana) and Shoulder Stand (Salambha Sarvanghasana), but we will also explore Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) and Forearm Balance (Pincha Mayurasana). 

Working in stages means that we build stability from the ground up by working with alignment and sometimes props. This type of work allows students of all levels to benefit and to find where their effort should be focused in order to advance.

During the workshop, you will:
Learn proper alignment for each of the inversions
Learn a variety of different ways to approach each inversion
Learn some variations of each inversion.
Learn how to use props effectively for each inversion.
Learn how to create a sense of lightness and lift in your practice.

Appropriate for students working on their first handstand to experienced inverters looking to deepen their experience in poses like Shoulder Stand. Wworkshop also valuable for teachers interested in learning to work with props and stages of all inversions. 

Minimum of 6 months of asana practice is required.

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