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Take Care of Your Neck with Larry Heliker

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The focus in this workshop will be on unwinding tension in the neck and shoulders and creating greater freedom of movement in those areas. Too much time spent on computers, looking down while texting, driving, and lifting babies or groceries, can all create imbalances in our neck and shoulders. The shoulders are so closely tied to the neck that when there is shoulder strain, it is often combined with neck pain. In this workshop, we''ll explore asanas/postures that release, relax, and soften the neck and shoulders. We will focus on various ways to relieve common neck issues, while building strength, creating flexibility, and opening the chest. Gentle movements will irrigate the joints and tissues of the neck and shoulders, thus helping maintain the health and longevity of the region and its surrounding joint spaces. Parameters for participation include: the ability to get up from and down to the floor without assistance, freedom from medical devices, and no active disc issues.

$35 early/$45 at the door

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