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The Bodyful Mind with Doreen Rivera

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We invite you to experience this ground-breaking movement and breath technique with its creator and master teacher, Doreen Rivera.

The Bodyful Mind is a process of discovering the emotional patterns in the physical body through movement and breath. Learn how to use signals from the body such as neck pain, shoulder tension, and lower back discomfort to create value in your everyday life. The Bodyful Mind is a natural partner to yoga.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a journal, yoga mat, and plenty of curiosity!

“In my graduate studies I was exposed to many classes where theories regarding the human body were taught, however Ms. Rivera’s clear, distinct approach has provided me with more information than all my years of studies. She is regarded by many as a pioneer in her field of Body/Mind education.” -Terry Binkovitz, Ph.D., MFC

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a journal, yoga mat, and plenty of curiosity!