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Befriending Your Backbends with Carmen Fitzgibbon

 Carmen Fitzgibbon

Learn to move deeper into your backbend practice with agility and strength, creating a profound sense of freedom in your body. 

Backbends are like the roller coasters of asana. Some of us LOVE to ride the roller coasters and others become fearful. Backbends offer a real high when done correctly; and that is what we will focus on in this workshop! If you fear them, then this is a great place to begin to explore why, and how to move beyond that fear. This type of pose touches a very real emotional center within us, but with patience we can fearlessly move into that center. If you love them, we will gradually and safely move deeper into a variety of backbends that are not often taught. 

In this workshop, we will explore:
The benefits of backbends and how using them may help us in our daily life!
The proper alignment of back bends.
Several supported backbends that develop our relationship with the unknown.

Appropriate for students with the desire to deepen their back bending practice.
Minimum of 1 year of asana practice is required as well as the ability to work with Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward bow or wheel pose).