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Fullness & Freedom with Niamh Condron

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Join Niamh Condron from Ireland at Goorus for a special 3-hour yoga workshop!

When the neck is positioned well, the torso falls into a safe and steady alignment in which all the systems of the body work efficiently and effectively. By releasing the neck and shoulders, other muscles groups throughout the entire body will wake up and work more consciously. The positioning of the head and neck effects the mechanics of the entire body--arms, abdominals, hips and legs.

Niamh will focus on finding optimal positioning for the head, while freeing the neck and shoulders. We will aim to alleviate the posture problems of a 'forward head' or a 'pulled back head’.

A slow, 2-hour yoga practice will include stops for deeper stretches and for posture alignment questions and answers.

Following a short break, participants will work through a 40-minute restorative practice in which your body will have time to integrate all the new alignment, strength and kinesthetic information!