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Breathwork Healing & Awakening Sound Bath with Linh James

Use the Breath to Supercharge Your Meditation & Unlock Your Potential
Join Guru Mitar at Goorus for a magical afternoon of deep breathing, deep releasing, and deep connecting. Life can be very stressful, but if you take care of yourself first all begins to flow with ease and grace. You are greater than you know; when you connect to your truth anything is possible.

We will be using the power of community, sound and breath to go beyond the physical body…into the vast ocean of awareness to crack open all that has been frozen, thus allowing you to emerge into your greatness. First you will be going on a guided breathing experience, using the breath as a portal to journey within and explore the deepest aspect of Self, Spirit, and Universe. Then you simply surrender to surges of pure holographic sound enveloping the body, mind and spirit, using Tibetan & Crystal Healing Bowls, Wind Chimes, a multitude of Gongs. Sound is an energy medicine that creates a sacred space in which people can heal.

People report experiencing:

  • Healing of emotional or physical pains
  • Stress relief and deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Getting more clarity on your path in life
  • Feeling a profound sense of inter-connection
  • Getting an expanded feeling of compassion and love
  • Intense experiences of the body and energy release
  • Heart opening and transcendent experiences

*$35 at the door