2:00 pm14:00

The Bodyful Mind with Doreen Rivera

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We invite you to experience this ground-breaking movement and breath technique with its creator and master teacher, Doreen Rivera.

The Bodyful Mind is a process of discovering the emotional patterns in the physical body through movement and breath. Learn how to use signals from the body such as neck pain, shoulder tension, and lower back discomfort to create value in your everyday life. The Bodyful Mind is a natural partner to yoga.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a journal, yoga mat, and plenty of curiosity!

“In my graduate studies I was exposed to many classes where theories regarding the human body were taught, however Ms. Rivera’s clear, distinct approach has provided me with more information than all my years of studies. She is regarded by many as a pioneer in her field of Body/Mind education.” -Terry Binkovitz, Ph.D., MFC

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a journal, yoga mat, and plenty of curiosity!

2:00 pm14:00

Yoga & the Eight Limbs with Jeff Perlman

Yoga means “union” of the body, mind, spirit and breath. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that is one of the six philosophies of India. Yoga was first documented in the Vedas, which are the earliest literary record of Indian civilization containing spiritual knowledge about all aspects of life. The practice of yoga was first documented by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras around 2000 years ago. In the Sutras, Patanjali describes the Eight Limbed Path leading to Samadhi (Bliss/Absorption). In this workshop we will cover the eight-fold path of yoga in detail and practice asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

2:00 pm14:00

Demystifying Sun Salutations with Nichola Dunne

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Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskara, are the foundation for any flow-based yoga practice. While they improve strength, flexibility, stamina and circulation, but in order to reap these benefits, it is essential to fully understand these deceptively complex poses.

In this workshop, we will break down each of the individual poses that make up a Sun Salutation, focusing on alignment, how to move with the breath, and how to put these poses together. Along the way, you’ll learn modifications to make these movements safe and beneficial for your individual practice. While appropriate for all levels of practice, we encourage you to have some prior yoga experience.

Come with enthusiasm, patience, and a positive attitude. Whether you are just becoming acquainted with Sun Salutations,interested in moving to more Flow-based public classes, or interested in refining postures or transitions, this clinic can light up your practice like the rising sun!

8:30 am08:30

4-Week Mindful Meditation Series with Jahna Perricone

Join Jahna Perricone at Goorus for a special 4-class Introduction to Mindful Meditation! Our minds naturally lean towards a negative thinking bias. Mindful meditation has been scientifically proven to weaken this connection to negativity and strengthen the ability to access more positive modes of thinking. In this beginners series, we will discuss what mindfulness meditation is, offer various practices (including breath, sound, eating meditations and loving-kindness), and will be given take-home ideas to work with for the week. The series will give you tools to improve concentration, self-awareness and appreciation, and help to relieve anxiety. Mindful meditation has been known to lead to a greater sense of well-being and a calmer state of mind.

This series will meet at 8:30am on four consecutive Mondays: 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, and 5/23. 

11:30 am11:30

Intro to Iyengar Yoga with Jeff Perlman

Is the idea of being in a yoga class intimidating? If you are looking for a more gradual, in-depth introduction to Iyengar yoga with similar newcomers, then Goorus Yoga’s Intro to Iyengar workshop may be just what you need. This two-hour event is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga, or for people who wish to continue practicing yoga but may have developed injuries during more vigorous vinyasa flow-type classes. Jeff Perlman will introduce you to the Iyengar technique which emphasizes precision and alignment, and quality of movement over quantity of movement. Props, like bricks, belts and blankets, will be used to enhance awareness of the posture (asana) and to ensure joint safety. In this workshop, we will practice basic yoga poses and several variations to aid learning. Ideal for people of all ages, ability, and mobility.