Contract Terms

3-Class Auto-renew v2

1. You agree to authorize an initial credit card charge of $54 and in return are entitled to attend up to any three regular classes at Goorus in a two month period. You also agree to allow Goorus to store your credit card number and other billing information for at least one automatic payment as described below.

2. If all the three classes from paragraph 1 are taken within two calendar months from purchase, you agree to authorize an automatic payment of $54 and in return receive three additional classes (charged the day the last of three classes is used), which also expire two months from the new purchase date.

3. Auto-renewal after the use of three classes will continue indefinitely until you either a) cancel this contract prior to the 2-month expiration, or b) allow expiration of the classes by not using all three within two months of first purchase or any subsequent auto-renewal purchase.

4. If the two months expires per paragraph 3b, you agree to forfeit any remaining classes. At this point, your credit card will be charged $54 for three additional classes. Per paragraph 3a above, this will continue until you notify us of your desire to cancel this contract prior to expiration or interim auto-renewal.

5. Rollover classes: As long as this contract and auto-renew cycle remain intact, any classes forfeited from the 3-pack immediately prior to the current pack will be usable during the current two-month expiry period.

Monthly Unlimited v2 - Autopay Renew

Our Monthly Unlimited package entitles you to unlimited regular yoga classes each month (excludes workshops and other special events). We will charge your credit card on a monthly basis unless you advise us with at least 30-days notice that you wish to discontinue this package. You may hold the package no more than twice per year for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days for each incident. This package is to be used by the named student only and is not transferable or share-able with another student.

In addition to unlimited classes, you will also receive:
1. A 15% discount on all merchandise in the studio.
2. A 15% discount on most workshops and other special classes (not to be combined with other discounts).
3. Unlimited discounted guest passes that can be used by a non-member accompanying you to a class (only two passes per month for each non-member).
4. Unlimited Online yoga (package must still be active and not on hold).

Minimum 3 month commitment, 30 days to cancel; may freeze the account twice per year for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days each time.