12 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga at Goorus on Wednesday (aka Hump Day)

12 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga at Goorus on Wednesday/Hump Day

1. 6:30am Level ½ Flow w/Susan Cambigue Tracey
2. 10:45am Level ½ Flow w/Al Tavera
3. 12:00pm Chair Yoga w/Susan Cambigue Tracey
4. 1:30pm Yoga for Health & Healing with Michelle Mazur
5. 4:00pm Level 2/3 Vinyasa Flow w/Ishmael Moran
6. 5:45pm Level ½ Flow w/Nichola Dunne
7. Benefits of yoga include: strengthening your core, correcting posture, increasing flexibility, relieving stress, & encouraging mindfulness
8. Connect with like-minded people. Practicing yoga in a community yoga studio includes being among people who all desire to improve themselves and the world around them. Connect with each other through a common bond of yoga.
9. Connect with people who are different from you! Yoga brings people together via love of the practice itself, but everyone is multi-faceted with various likes and dislikes, talents and personalities. Let’s embrace our differences and value each other for who we are.
10. Wednesdays are better with yoga. It’s the middle of the week. Work hasn’t drained all of our energy yet, despite the siren song of the couch. Instead of binge-watching the tube or getting caught up in social media, do something that benefits your body, heart and mind. Create a sense of peace for yourself after work by filling your evening with yoga.
11. Go to your happy place, not Happy Hour! Rather than reaching for a glass of wine, unwind with us through yoga. Stress can hold our minds hostage even after leaving work for the day. By breathing consciously and moving meditatively, you can relieve tension in your mind and body.
12. Let Hump Day be an opportunity for you to do something new! Oftentimes we do the same things over and over, yet expect different results. Unless you change things up, you might miss out on the new possibilities that are always within our reach. This Wednesday, commit to doing something different. Meet new people, practice new poses, and explore a change in routine.

Gretchen Lightfoot

A Yoga Alliance RYT-500, Gretchen trained with Carmen Fitzgibbon, Thomas Taubman, and Gigi Snyder of YogaWorks in Los Angeles. Gretchen’s teaching experience includes YogaWorks, Neutrogena, Fancy Feet Dance Studio, the Palisades Library, the Palisades Rec Center, and one-on-one work with a number of private clients throughout LA.

Gretchen’s classes vary in style. Her weekday morning classes run from a balanced, all-level flow to a chilled-out yin practice, to an Iyengar-style wall practice. Sunday morning flow tends to be a little more energetic (expect music). Regardless of the style, Gretchen encourages practitioners to listen to their bodies and modify where needed.