Trouble Sleeping? Try Urban Zen with Nichola Dunne

Going to sleep...something so basic, yet so important. But for many people, sleep is complicated by insomnia.

Dorie, a regular at Goorus, put her knowledge of yoga’s calming powers to work when visiting her grandsons in Barcelona, Spain.  Her younger grandson, Matteo, never has trouble nodding off, but his older brother, Eli, has always struggled with getting into relaxation mode.  During her visits with her grandsons, she puts the boys to bed.  When it became clear that Eli wasn’t going to settle down easily, she brought out her essential oils.

Talking to Eli and Matteo in soothing tones, she used body scanning and visualization techniques while also touching on the chakras.  [In Indian thought, there are seven such energy centers, or chakras, throughout the body. It is important to keep the lines of energy flowing freely.]

“While this process might seem like it could take a long time, it actually doesn’t,” says Dorie.  “Within 10 minutes of using the essential oils and talking about the chakras, Eli was fast asleep!  Both of my grandsons loved the smell and the ritual so much that we did it the next night, with the exact same result.”

Dorie had “always practiced yoga,” but had taken some time away from it due to a neck injury.  A Groupon YogaWorks purchase re-ignited her curiosity, and a relaxation yoga class with Amy Rose Stabley sealed the deal.  Says Dorie, “I loved it because nobody’s looking at anybody else. Everybody’s there for pure relaxation...I think that everyone should begin and (especially!) end the day inhaling the aromas of pure essential oils.”

Even when not in class, Dorie gives herself an Urban Zen-like experience before going to sleep.  Dorie has continued attending Urban Zen classes with Nichola Dunne, who she describes as, “an angel who guides so many people. Nichola truly changed my life.  The universe is not fair, but Urban Zen class makes it okay.”

Says Dorie, “Even when I am home in California, my family often calls me from Spain and asks me to talk the boys to sleep over the phone.  Urban Zen has been a source of joy for me, and I love sharing it with my grandsons.  Hopefully, more folks in the Palisades will discover Goorus Yoga and have a similar joyful experience.”