Client Profile: Kris Griswold


Kris of “Kris and Chris” celebrated a major victory last week. Over the past month she has been taking at least one yoga class a day, but only last year she could barely walk.

Palisades native Kris Griswold says that she was athletic growing up, “Whether it was softball or soccer or basketball, but I especially loved riding horses.”

 Kris went to Occidental and UCLA and works as a CPA. Her career has always involved working long hours, but she found an easy way to combat this: “If I had to make a phone call, I would walk around the building while talking.”

Kris was later assigned to several year-long projects that required long stretches of sitting, 15-hour days, and air travel to Asia. As Kris puts it, “I was in such bad shape that I had trouble walking to the baggage claim.” One day, Kris tried to stand up from her desk and her legs would not work. She had been experiencing lower back problems due to sitting so much.

Kris tried to reduce her discomfort with an epidural, and comments, “I had no pain at all, but then it [the epidural] stopped working after a month.” She next went to a physical therapist who suggested yoga.  Kris had the good fortune of meeting YogaWorks instructor Olivia Barry, who is also a physical therapist. After three private lessons with Olivia, Kris attended Al Tavera’s 6:30 am class for the first time last May 24.  She quickly became a regular student of Al’s.

Kris now says, “This is a total miracle--I can hike again. For Thanksgiving, I was able to complete the local Turkey Trot.  Without yoga on a consistent basis, this would not have been possible.  Yoga has helped me build core strength to protect my back, and I follow Al’s ‘Don’t push it’ mantra.”

Kris is also thrilled that Goorus Yoga opened in June after YogaWorks’ closing in May. “If it ain’t in the Palisades, I’m in trouble. I work a lot and my workplace is an hour away from home.  I can easily fit yoga into my schedule on a daily basis, especially with all the offerings early in the morning as well as in the evening during the work week.  I’m so thankful that this space wasn’t turned into a boutique or a shoe store.”