Make the Most of Your Yoga Resolution at Goorus in 2016

2016 is just days away, and most of us hope that this New Year will be better than the last one. Whether you plan to exercise more, get into better shape, or change some other aspect of your life, yoga is a great place to start.

From time to time, we all make resolutions that fall apart by February or March, to be completely forgotten by the time the next New Year rolls around. When I managed a team of fundraisers, we used SMART goals to track and achieve success. What are SMART goals, you ask?

SMART is an acronym:
SPECIFIC = What exactly is it that I want to achieve?
MEASURABLE = How will you know when/if you achieve your goal?
ACHIEVABLE = Given my current circumstances, is the goal realistic enough for me to stay motivated?
RELEVANT =Given my current resources, is the goal meaningful enough for me to stay motivate?
TIME-BOUND = What will be achieved by when?  Is my goal urgent and timely?  Will I easily be able to see my progress?

Makes sense, right?  But, on a practical level, what does all of this mean?

For a brand-new yogi with access to Goorus a yoga-related New Year’s resolution might look something like:

a) By January _(10)_, I will purchase a 3-class introductory package, and take 3 different styles of yoga class within 2 weeks. This will help me decide if/when/how I can integrate yoga into my life in 2016.

b) Once I have found the class/instructor that meets my needs, I will attend classes a minimum of twice each week throughout the month of February. In March, I will strive to attend three classes a week.

For a regular yogi who frequents Goorus, your resolution might be:

a) Each month of 2016, I will try a different style of yoga, or take a class led by an instructor who is new to me. (You just may learn something new about yourself and surprise your body!) 

b) For 2016, I will commit to _(#)_ private lessons with my favorite instructor to make sure a solid foundation is in place for my practice (or fine-tune my alignment).

Goorus has some incredible workshops lined up for 2016.  The following events provide an opportunity to craft a SMART New Year’s resolution for yourself:

Sunday, January 3 | 11:30am-1:30pm
FREE Restorative & Pranayama class
Led by Jeff Perlman
A yoga practice is really not complete without pranayamas, as different breathing exercises have different effects on the body.  Yogic breathing can help you deepen your experience of yoga, and may inspire you to try meditation.

Saturday, January 9 | 11am-12:30pm | $30/family
Bring Your Family Yoga
Led by Teresa Anne Power, author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids
Why not resolve to introduce yoga to at least 4-5 of your nearest and dearest friends or family members in the New Year? Wouldn’t you like to share the joy yoga has brought to you?  Spread awareness of yoga to people you care about, and let them experience the same benefits.

Saturdays | January 23-February 6 |11am-12:30pm
Beginner Yoga Series with Al Tavera
Considering all of the health benefits of yoga, don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try in 2016?

Sunday, January 24 | 2-4pm | $45
Fullness & Freedom: A Head, Neck & Shoulders Workshop
Led by Niamh Condron
Too much time spent on computers, looking down while texting, driving, and lifting babies or groceries, can all create imbalances in our neck and shoulders. The shoulders are so closely tied to the neck that when there is shoulder strain, it is often combined with neck pain. Learn to unwind tension in the neck and shoulders and create greater freedom of movement in those areas. 

Breathwork Healing & Awakening Sound Bath with Guru Mitar
Sunday, January 31, 2-4pm
January 31st isn't too late to begin your journey of healing and self-care! Sound vibration is a very powerful tool for physical healing and relaxing the mind. Using the breath and the power of community, Guru Mitar will lead you on a deeply healing experience—all while being enveloped in the sounds of Tibetan and quartz crystal bowls, wind chimes, and gongs.

Finally, consider trying meditation in 2016. Meditation brings out the best in us, makes us wiser, sharpens our intellect, improves memory, and helps us face the everyday challenges of life with grace and good cheer. Jahna Perricone leads a weekly half-hour Mindful Meditation session at Goorus on Mondays from 8:30-9am.

Please feel free to call, email, or stop by the studio to talk with me or John about your yogic resolutions for 2016.

Wishing you the happiest of New Years,



Gretchen Lightfoot

A Yoga Alliance RYT-500, Gretchen trained with Carmen Fitzgibbon, Thomas Taubman, and Gigi Snyder of YogaWorks in Los Angeles. Gretchen’s teaching experience includes YogaWorks, Neutrogena, Fancy Feet Dance Studio, the Palisades Library, the Palisades Rec Center, and one-on-one work with a number of private clients throughout LA.

Gretchen’s classes vary in style. Her weekday morning classes run from a balanced, all-level flow to a chilled-out yin practice, to an Iyengar-style wall practice. Sunday morning flow tends to be a little more energetic (expect music). Regardless of the style, Gretchen encourages practitioners to listen to their bodies and modify where needed.