Michelle in action. Gentle Yoga at Goorus on 5/16

About Michelle

Michelle Mazur has dedicated her entire life to health and well being.  Having studied the movement of the body for over 40 years, she began practicing Yoga to heal from injuries of the spine, lower back, and hips created from years of ballet. She studied with many of the master teachers worldwide and immersed herself in the study of Yoga, its philosophy and its therapeutic aspects. This path led her on a journey to another way of living.

Michelle is credentialed with IAYT in Yoga Therapy at the 1000 HR level, and registered with  Yoga Alliance at the E-500 level. She also has a certification in Yoga Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University.  With her vast knowledge of Yoga, she has an exceptional ability to spot an individual's specific needs.

Michelle has expertise in surgeries of the spine, back and shoulders. She can rehabilitate patients to a place where they can exercise and live a normal life. Her specialties include nutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, many autoimmune diseases that cause illness in the body and mind, cancer, ms, PTS, anxiety, depression, and just the overworked overwhelmed individual.

Ayurveda, health, and lifestyle consultant, Michelle has spent her life studying many modalities of nutrition and alternative medicine. Over the years, Ayurveda has become a true passion of hers and she implements a great deal of Ayurveda in her teacher trainings, in addition to mentoring students on home health care and how to develop their own way of healing through the use of herbs and food.